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Displaying an Instagram Hashtag Feed on your website

Due to some major changes Instagram made on December 11, 2018, the process for displaying an Instagram feed on your website has changed.  Instagram have deprecated Hashtag feeds in their old API and have now migrated to their new Graph API.  They now require an Instagram Business Profile, rather than a Personal Profile. If you don’t have an Instagram Business Profile then you can convert a Personal Profile to a Business Profile by following these directions.

Once you have an Instagram Business Profile and have connected a Facebook Page to it, then make sure you are using the latest version of our Instagram Feed Pro WordPress plugin. If not, then you will need to update the plugin on your WordPress Plugins page. If you are having difficulty updating the plugin then please see this FAQ. Once you are using the latest version then follow the directions here to set up your Hashtag feed.

There are some limitations when displaying an Instagram Hashtag feed on our website. When displaying a ‘recent’ feed, Instagram only returns the most recent hashtag posts from the past 24 hour period. The first time you display a hashtag feed, posts from the “Top posts” section will be retrieved, sorted by date, and saved. The plugin then stores these posts so that they can continue to be displayed indefinitely, creating a permanent feed of your posts. Another thing to keep in mind that in a 7 day period, each connected Business Profile has a unique Hashtag search limit of 30 Hashtags. If you need to display more than 30 different Hashtags, you can connect another Business Profile – the Instagram Feed Pro plugin will automatically start using the 30 Hashtag search ‘slots’.

Instagram new hashtag feed graph API


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