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Differences between Instagram feed free and Pro versions

The main differences between the free version and Pro version of the Instagram Feed plugin are listed below. The extra features available in the Pro version are as follows:

  1. Display “Hashtag” feeds with single or multiple hashtags
  2. Display “Tagged” feeds of posts that you are phototagged in
  3. View photos and play videos directly on the site in a popup lightbox
  4. View post comments for user feeds
  5. Display the number of likes and comments for each post
  6. Sort posts by the number of likes
  7. Display Instagram stories
  8. Create carousels from your posts
  9. Use “Masonry” or “Highlight” layouts for your feeds, with the ability to highlight certain posts in your feed based on hashtag or keyword
  10. Display captions for photos and videos
  11. Filter posts based on hashtag/word
  12. Advanced moderation system for hiding/showing certain posts
  13. Block posts by specific users
  14. Create “shoppable” Instagram feeds
  15. More comprehensive customer support than for the free version
  16. More frequent updates and new features added than the free version

You can see the demo of the Pro version here, versus screenshots of the free version here. There’s a full list of all features here.

If you have any questions regarding either version of the plugin then please contact us via our Contact form (for general questions) or Support form (for support questions).


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