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Differences between Instagram feed free and Pro versions

The main differences between the free version and the Pro versions of the Instagram Feed plugin are listed below. The extra features available in the Pro versions are as follows:




Unlimited Pro Feeds Everything in the Basic + Everything in the Plus plan +
Display Photo/Video x Visual Moderation System Display Tagged Feeds
Display Carousel/Slideshows Filter Posts based on hashtag/word Create Shoppable Feeds
Multiple Feed Layouts Feed Templates Feed Themes
Instagram Stories Hashtag Feeds
Display Comments and Likes Combine Multiple Feed Types
Display Post Captions 
Performance Optimization
Feed Customizer
Downtime Prevention System
GDPR Compliant
Instagram oEmbeds
Standard Support Standard Support Priority Support

You can see the demo of the Pro version here, versus screenshots of the free version here. There’s a full list of all features here.

If you have any questions regarding either version of the plugin then please contact us via our Contact form (for general questions) or Support form (for support questions).


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