How do I display multiple Instagram feeds?

We’ve included handy shortcode options in the plugin to allow you to display multiple different feeds, either on the same page or on multiple pages throughout your site. You can configure and customize your main feed by using the options on the plugin’s Configure and Customize pages, and can display your feed by using the standard [instagram-feed] shortcode.

To display more feeds, you can override your main settings directly in the shortcode. For example, to display a feed which shows 9 photos in 3 columns you would use:

[instagram-feed num=9 cols=3]

You can display a feed from a different Instagram User ID by using:

[instagram-feed accesstoken=ACCESS_TOKEN_2]

You can find a full list of all of the available shortcode options by clicking on the Display Your Feed tab within the plugin’s Settings page in WordPress.

Displaying Multiple User Feeds

Due to some recent Instagram API changes it is now only possible to display user feeds for accounts you own and/or have an Access Token for.  Therefore, in order to display multiple user feeds you will now need an Access Token from each account you want to display.  In the latest version of the plugin you can now set multiple Access Tokens, one for each account, allowing you to display feeds from each.

In order to display feeds from multple accounts there are two options:

Separate Feeds
You can display a separate feed for each account by setting the Access Token for each account directly in the shortcode, like so: [instagram-feed accesstoken='YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN'].

Combining Feeds
You can combine feeds from accounts you own into one single feed by setting multiple Access Tokens, either in the Access Token field above, or in the shortcode: [instagram-feed accesstoken='ACCESS_TOKEN_1,ACCESS_TOKEN_2,ACCESS_TOKEN_3']

Important: There is no need to set a User ID for each token. The plugin will get the ID directly from the token.