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The Social Wall plugin integrates effortlessly with all of our plugins and allows you to create a social media wall that brings all of your content into one place where you can engage website visitors and grow followers for all of your channels. Get the bundle to display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content all in one single wall.

Photo of the Day: Look back at it 👀 Ciaran Naran went full throttle with #GoProHERO11 Black.

#ProTip: Burst Photo Mode Allows your GoPro to shoot up to 30 images per second. On HERO11 Black, you can even enable RAW output for your Bursts.

#GoPro #GoProMoto #Moto #Desert

Photo of the Day: Follow the light 😵‍💫 Snapped on #GoProHERO11 Black by #GoProFamily member Marc Blanch, deep in a Spanish cave 🤿

#ProTip: For dives deeper than 33ft (10m), the Protective Housing ensures waterproofing up to 196ft (60m). Check it out at

Start your engines 🚘 #GoProAwards recipient Keith Peskosky mounted his #GoPro, hit the gas, + took home $500 for submitting the footage to

🚙💨 Kasty Peskosky

#GoProMoto #Offroading #4×4 #RC #RCcar

Photo of the Day: Take it all in 🌌 #GoProHERO11 Black did just that for #GoProFamily member @K_Wicksy.

#GoPro #AstroPhotography #LongExposure #StarTrails #Stars #NightPhotography #Canada

Cruise the streets with the Long Beach Rippers 🚲 Mounting versatility is what makes GoPro shots stand out—swipe to see Long Beach through the lens of their #GoProHERO11 Black.

#GoPro #Bike #BMX #LongBeach #Biking

Photo of the Day: Fleeting light on the last flight over @myinterlaken. #GoProFamily member Elisa Deutschmann soaks in the final views of the 2022 #GoProCreatorSummit 🇨🇭 Captured on #GoProHERO11 Black.

#GoPro #GoProSelfie #InLOVEwithSWITZERLAND #IneedSwitzerland #Interlaken

Welcome to Western Australia, where the barrels are plentiful + the lineup is just #GoProAthlete @anthony_walsh_ + #GoProHERO11 Black.

@goproanz #GoProANZ #GoPro #HyperSmooth #GoProSurf #Surfing #Barrel #SurfPhotography

Photo of the Day: Drop us a 🖐 if you've ordered your #GoProHERO11 Black already. #GoProFamily members Matteo Colombo + Bali the Wolf are loving theirs 🐾

#GoPro #GoProPets #FerrisWheel #Carnival #Husky #SiberianHusky #DogsOfInstagram

Photo of the Day: Bucket list activity or nightmare fuel? 😤 Snapped by a fearless #GoProAwards recipient, Nelson Manning.

Did you know that #GoProHERO11 Black features 360° Horizon Lock via the Linear + HL Digital Lens? Tap the product tag to learn more.

#GoPro #WingWalking

295ft of free fall to cap off the 2022 #GoProCreatorSummit in @interlaken 👁👄👁 Would you jump?

🎬 #GoProHERO11 Black selfies from Teigan Nash, Glo Atanmo, Alesha + Jarryd Anthony Robert, Malou Peterson, Johnny Lo, + BJ Chung.

@MySwitzerland_e #GoPro #GoProSelfie #HyperSmooth

#GoProAthlete David Rinaldo bends the laws of physics 🤯 #HyperSmooth slo-mo brought to you by #GoProHERO11 Black.

#GoPro #GoProMoto #HyperSmooth #FMX #BigAir #Freestyle #Moto #Backflip

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With Instagram Feed Pro, you can easily create, customize, and embed Instagram posts on your website.

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The Instagram Feed Pro WordPress Plugin v6

The Instagram Feed plugin adds beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive Instagram feeds to your WordPress website. Super simple to set up and…

Photo of the Day: In the moment 🚲 #GoProAthlete Kilian Bron manuals a Canadian slab in front of #GoProHERO11 Black.

ProTip: #GoProHERO11 enables RAW output in all Burst Photo Mode frame rates.

@WhistlerBikePrk #GoPro #GoProMTB #Bike #Biking #Whistler #Canada

Photo of the Day: Pedal to the metal 🏎 #GoProHERO11 Black got to ride along for a track day on Jeff Zwart's Porsche.

Did you know that every frame of 5.3K 8:7 video on #GoProHERO11 is also a 24.7MP photo? Shoot photo + video at the same time, no more compromise

#GoPro #Porsche

Watch your eyebrows + let #GoProHERO11 Black handle the heat 🥵 #GoProFamily member @nurkfpv put our new camera through its paces with every pyro's dream machine—the flamethrower 🔥

#GoPro #HyperSmooth #GoProFPV #Fire #Flamethrower #FPV

Photo of the Day: Not @Kai_Lenny's typical surf break 🌊 Captured in 27MP on the new #GoProHERO11 Black.

#GoPro #GoProAthlete #GoProSelfie #GoProSurf #Wakesurfing #Foil #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #LakeLife #BoatDay

Morning commute through @myinterlaken at the #GoProCreatorSummit 🇨🇭 Straight off the tracks into a train of #GoProAthletes.

🚞 @sampilgrim, @LeticiaBufoni, @remymetailler, + @iamthejasonpaul 🎬 @gochiestrella, #GoProHERO11 Black, + #GoProMAX

@MySwitzerland_e #GoPro #Interlaken

Locals get the right of way 🐬 Captured on the new #GoProHERO11 Black by #GoProAthlete @anthony_walsh_

#GoPro #GoProSurf #HyperSmooth #Surfing #Dolphins #WildlifePhotography #Surf #POV

Dive in for a session with #GoProHERO11 Black—amphibious by design with stunning image quality at its core. Its the ultimate dive companion.

🤿 Kai Rogers, Maya Harrison, + Lex Weinstein

Welcome to @myinterlaken for the 2022 #GoProCreatorSummit 🇨🇭 The #GoProFamily is here all week celebrating the launch of #GoProHERO11 Black—stay tuned for tips, tricks, + tons of action 🍫

🎬 @Benjam1Ortega, @fabreezy_, + @gochiestrella

@MySwitzerland_e #GoPro #HyperSmooth

Photo of the Day: #GoProHERO11 Black takes center stage 📷 Snapped off the coast of Mallorca by #GoProFamily member Victor De Valles.

Every #GoProHERO11 Black photo is packed with 27,000,000 pixels + rich 10-bit color.

#GoPro #Diving #FreeDiving #Majorca

#GoProHERO11 Black—Part 5 of 5. 📷 Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m)

#GoProHERO11 Black + Mini are rugged + waterproof. The lenses are shielded by a durable, scratch-resistant, + replaceable, + Mini's battle-hardened outer shell make it even more durable

#GoProHERO11 Black—Part 4 of 5 📷 New Night Effects

HERO11 Black has 3 new built-in video presets for effortless creativity after dark—Star Trails, Light Painting, + Vehicle Light Trails.

Save $150 when you bundle HERO11 Black + a GoPro Subscription—

#GoProHERO11 Black—Part 3 of 5 📷 #HyperSmooth 5.0

HyperSmooth 5.0 now offers improved stabilization in all 4:3 modes, a new AutoBoost option dynamically adapts in real time to camera-shake data, + the Linear + HL digital lens features 360° Horizon Lock.

HERO11 Black—Part 2 of 5 📷 Taller 8:7 Sensor

The 13% taller frame allows for vertical videos + wides from the same shot. There's improved stabilization in all 4:3 modes, 360° Horizon Lock, 27MP pics, 24.7MP frame grabs, + the new #HyperView Digital Lens What is new with GoPro's Hero 11 Black? A larger sensor and more. VP Rick Loughery joins Techstination's Fred Fishkin for a look.

#GoProHERO11 Black—Part 1 of 5. 📷 Automatically Edited Videos

Capture. Charge. Chill. Simply plug your camera in after a day of filming + relax as your content uploads to the cloud. Then, the @quik app will notify you when your highlight video is ready.

This is GoPro. Welcome to 11.

Get to know the new lineup at

🎶 “Behind the Sun” – @odesza

#GoProHERO11 #GoPro #HyperSmooth #HyperView #GoProSurf #GoProMTB #GoProSkate #GoProSnow #GoProFPV #GoProTravel

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5 stars Rated 4.9/5 on WordPress WordPress
@smashballoon Custom Facebook Feed plugin for WordPress is excellent and support couldn’t have been easier or faster. Thx!
@swhittier64 Scott Whittier(@swhittier64)
Installed On Over 100 Sites… Flawless. This is one of the best plugins I have ever purchased. It works every time, only time there is any issue is because facebook made changes and there is always a quick fix. Never needed support for this plugin.
@bidonme Bidonme(@bidonme)
I have the FB plugin and it looks very nice on my website ! Why bother painfully writing for a separate blog when your FB feed is already live and well ? The cheapest way to add “news” to your website !
@jpib @jpib
One of the Best Plugins We Use! Reliable. Simple to implement. Can be used on several pages at once with feeds from different FB pages. Attractive and customizable display. This is a GREAT plugin!
@azvhv AZVHV(@azvhv)
Seriously great plug-in for scooping Facebook posts and serving them onto a WordPress site. Some of the best customer support I’ve worked with. via @smashballoon
@Spanky_McMuffin Jack E. Taylor(@Spanky_McMuffin)
@smashballoon Thank you! Your prompt reply & quick service is AMAZING! It’s scary giving money where there’s no number to call and no live chat. Your same day email reply & quick fix of my mistake makes me feel secure in doing continued business with SmashBalloon!
@victoryfitclub Clem Lafrades(@victoryfitclub)
@smashballoon Custom Facebook Feed plugin for WordPress is excellent and support couldn’t have been easier or faster. Thx!
@swhittier64 Scott Whittier(@swhittier64)
The “Custom Facebook Feed Pro” WordPress plugin from @SmashBalloon is truly amazing ( Easy to set up, easy to use, completely worth paying to upgrade. Love it! Example from my site: (feed filtered by hashtag)
@ourcommonhour Kelli Ann Wilson(@ourcommonhour)
The Custom Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin via @smashballoon is FRICKIN amazing 🙂 well worth the developer $$ 🙂
@NCulpitt Nick Culpitt(@NCulpitt)
@smashballoon Thank you! Your prompt reply & quick service is AMAZING! It’s scary giving money where there’s no number to call and no live chat. Your same day email reply & quick fix of my mistake makes me feel secure in doing continued business with SmashBalloon!
@victoryfitclub Clem Lafrades(@victoryfitclub)
Love the style and functionality of the @smashballoon facebook feed WordPress plugin. AMAZING support!
highwirecreativ Highwire Creative(highwirecreativ)
Very impressed with the Facebook #WordPress plugin by @smashballoon – way better than all the others I’ve tried!
keneastwood Ken Eastwood(keneastwood)
@smashballoon ‘s Custom Facebook Feed Plugin is excellent! Plus, the best customer service. #WPplugin
@dpilutti Deb Pilutti(@dpilutti)
Best Support Service I have ever had from plugin supplier. Huge thanks to the support team for their amazing help and support. I am in South Africa so was expecting a slow turnaround and they were amazing also sending a video clip to make things easier.
@1shopadmin @1shopadmin

8 reasons why our customers love Facebook Feed Pro

We build our plugins so that anyone can use them. No complicated setup steps, no headaches.

All our plugins are highly customizable and provide tons of options to configure or style your feed.

Websites should be fast. That means your Facebook feed should be too. Speed is one of our top priorities.

All Facebook posts are embedded into your page source code, which means regularly updated Googlebot-readable content.

All of our plugins include integrations with popular privacy consent plugins and a one-click GDPR setting.

Easily remove posts from your feed you don't want to show, or block specific words or phrases.

Built with rock solid reliability in mind so your feeds don't go down when the rest of the web does.

We're not just in the plugin business, we're in the customer support business! And pride ourselves on it.

Learn more about our feeds

Learn more about our feeds

Facebook Photo Feeds

Facebook Photo feeds are an effortless way to keep your website photo galleries fresh and up to date. Just upload photos to your Facebook page and they’ll automatically appear right on your website.

Facebook Groups

Got a Facebook group community and want to bring some of that engagement over to your website? Add your Facebook group to a members-only section of your website, or display posts publicly to help increase exposure. Want to grow your Facebook group? Drive your website visitors to your group on Facebook by displaying your latest content on your site and encouraging them to join.

Facebook Video Feeds

Facebook Video feeds are an effortless way to keep your website video galleries fresh and up to date. Just upload videos to your Facebook page and they’ll automatically appear right on your website in full HD.


Aggregate social media content into an easy social media wall for WordPress

Ever wish you had an easy way to combine your social media feeds in one place?

With the Social Wall Pro, now you can!

Use Social Wall Pro to display social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on a centralized wall posted on your website.

This easy-to-use tool can help you boost your followers in all 4 platforms, increase user engagement and grow your business via successful social media marketing.

Boost Your Brand Awareness and Followers

Are you struggling to build your social media presence? You’re not alone.

Businesses like you need social media to grow. 51% of the world’s population now use social media, after all.

That’s why Social Wall Pro was made. The plugin helps you:

– Target your ideal audience: Social Wall Pro shows all your social media feeds to targeted traffic — website visitors who are already interested in your brand.

– Boost your brand awareness: The more people know you, the more likely they’ll trust you. Make your brand more consistent and recognizable by using Social Wall Pro to display a centralized wall with your top social media accounts on your website.

– Supercharge your social media followers: Get more followers on not just 1, but 4 social media accounts! Adding your social media feeds to WordPress gives your site visitors an easy way to follow and engage with you.

The result? The more your ideal audience engages with you and trusts your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Smash Balloon plugins?

Smash Balloon plugins are perfect for business owners, marketers, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and basically anyone else who wants to integrate social media content into their website to help grow their following, increase conversions, save time, or engage more with their users.

Do I need coding skills or a developer app?

Nope! We understand that many WordPress users aren’t technical and so have built all of our plugins to be as easy as possible to set up and use. The easy feed setup process just requires you to login into your social media account and the plugin will do the rest. By default the plugins will inherit the styles from your theme so no customization is required, but in case you want to tweak things we have a wide variety of customization settings built in.

Will Smash Balloon plugins slow down my site?

Our plugins are specifically built with speed and performance in mind. All the data retrieved from the various social media platforms is cached by the plugin in order to minimize requests. We also dynamically load data as needed to ensure that your page speed stays lightning fast.

Do Smash Balloon plugins work on non-WordPress sites?

Our plugins are designed and built for WordPress and so don’t work with other platforms.

Can I use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites?

Yes, you can use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites in two ways. Either you can purchase the Developer license or All Access Bundle OR purchase an appropriate license for each client sites (yes you can refer them and earn 20% commission through our affiliate program).


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