Instagram Feed Standalone Changes

Instagram Feed Standalone v3.0 Changes

If you are updating your Instagram Feed Standalone Pro plugin from version 2.x to 3.0 there are some significant changes that you will need to be aware of. These are due to the deprecation of Instagram’s old API in favor of two new APIs, one for personal accounts and one for accounts registered as “Business” accounts. Read the items below to see what the key changes are and how you can integrate them with your site.

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1) Uploading PHP files to your server is now required

Unlike access tokens from Instagram’s old API, the new access tokens are able to do more than “read” from your Instagram account. For this reason, all API requests to generate data for your feeds will need to be done server-side so they will not be exposed. There are two files used to make these requests “config.php” and “connect.php”. To avoid needing further configuration, add these files in the same directory as your “instagram-feed” folder (this is the same configuration as when you download the source files from your account page).

2) You will need to generate new access tokens

You will need to generate new access tokens and add them to the new config.php file. You can get a new access token using the access token tool.

After entering your license key and entering a domain, you will be able to choose from connecting as a “Personal” account or as a “Business” account. The access tokens for “Personal” accounts need to be exchanged every 60 days. The plugin will do this automatically as long as it has the ability to write to config.php using the PHP function file_put_contents().

Read about the other differences between the two account types here.

3) The API request limits are significantly higher

The old API had a limit of 200 requests per access token per hour. The new access tokens have a much higher limit (the exact number varies).

Getting started with your update

Follow the set up directions to get started with your update keeping in mind that your JavaScript configuration settings can stay the same except for the access token. Version 3.0 is available for download on your account page.