Instagram Feed – GDPR Compliance

Important: If you are using our Instagram Feed plugin on your website then please refer to our GDPR disclosure for full details regarding compliance and how data is transferred and stored.

Removing Usernames

The free version of the plugin does not display usernames of users commenting or posting.
In the Pro version, the only personal information provided is the username of the user who posted the content. Usernames can be removed by adding the following to the plugin’s Custom CSS section (Instagram Feed > Customize > Misc > Custom CSS):

.sbi_username, .sbi_lightbox_username, .sbi_lb-commenter { display: none !important; }

Icon Font

By default, the icon font in the plugin uses SVGs which do not make any external third-party requests. However, if you have selected the non-default method of using a font file instead then this will be loaded from a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which requires an external request. The CDN used is MaxCDN – a third-party service which hosts common resources in order to improve performance. This request makes the user’s IP address visible to the third-party, MaxCDN, who may use that data in accordance with their privacy policy.  To avoid making this request, simply switch the Icon Font method from “Font File” to “SVG” using the following setting: WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Customize > Misc > Icon Method