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Using a Plugin to Add Custom Templates with Instagram Feeds

Some themes and frameworks, such as the Oxygen Builder framework, do not work properly with how Instagram Feeds detects custom templates in a child theme. This can lead to our normal features related to custom templating to not work or cause errors.

To work around this, you can install and use a plugin that uses an alternative way of adding custom templates. You can download the plugin here:

Download Custom Template Plugin

After download and installing this plugin, you can make changes to the feed templates by doing the following:

1) Copy the latest version of the templates from Instagram Feed’s source files. These can be found in the /templates folder:

templates folder found in instagram feeds pro
2) Add these templates to the /templates folder inside the sbi-custom-templates plugin (that you just downloaded and installed). You can delete any templates you do not want to be changed.

custom templates folder

3) Open the template files (i.e. feed.php, item.php) in a code editing program and make your edits.

You changes should then be reflected in your feeds when viewing them on the front-end of your site.


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