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Updating your Instagram Access Token

To obtain a new Access Token from Instagram just follow the simple directions below:

Version 6.0 and above

1) Go to WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings. Click the red trashcan icon and then the Confirm button to remove the current source for your account.

2) Click the Add Source button.

3) Select either Personal or Business for the Account Type, depending on the type of account you are connecting. For Personal accounts, click the Login with Instagram button. For Business Profiles, click the Login with Facebook button.

4.) Once you’ve followed the steps on Instagram or Facebook to authorize Smash Balloon to connect to your account, you’ll be redirected back to your WordPress site. For Personal accounts, the source for your account should now be ready. For Business Profiles, select the account you would like to connect and click Add.

Below version 6.0

1) Navigate to the Instagram Feed Settings page in your WordPress admin and click on the blue Instagram login button:

2) If you’re not logged into your Instagram account then you will be prompted to do so in order to authorize the plugin to obtain a token.  When returned back to the settings page click the “Update this Account” button as shown below:

Alternatively, you get an access token from this page an use the “Manually Connect Account” button to update an existing account.

Switching Instagram Accounts

To obtain an Access Token for another account which you own then you’ll first need to log out of in your browser. You will then be prompted to log into an account when using the button in our plugin. See this FAQ for more info.


If the new Access Token doesn’t appear to be working then check the following:

  1. You copy and pasted it into the Access Token field correctly
  2. You clicked “Save Changes” after copy and pasting the token
  3. If you have any caching applied to your site then try clearing the cache as the old Access Token may still be being used by your site


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