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Only display photos with specific IDs (creating a whitelist)

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Using moderation mode (version 2.4 and above)

To use a visual interface for manually “approving” posts on the front-end of your site, log in as an admin and enable moderation mode on the “Customize” tab or by adding this to the shortcode
[instagram-feed moderationmode=true]

You can now click the orange “Moderation Mode” button that is added to the top of the feed.

Guide to Moderation Mode

Using custom javascript (all versions)

If you are using a version of the plugin lower than 2.4, you can use JavaScript to accomplish this. Just add the following snippet to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section. You can add the IDs of the photos you want to show to the “whitelist” array in the snippet and it will hide all other photos apart from the ones with those IDs:

var whitelist = ['sbi_1062883705804113524','sbi_1026823673954256036'],
  $self = $(this);
  $.each( whitelist, function( index, id ) {
    if( $self.attr('id').indexOf(id) > -1 ) $;

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