Legacy: Instagram Hashtag API error: “The requested resource does not exist”

– Updated Dec 27, 2018.

Some users are experiencing the following error message when trying to use the new Instagram Hashtag API:

"message": "The requested resource does not exist",
"type": "OAuthException",
"code": 24,
"error_user_title": "Could not find a matching hashtag",
"error_user_msg": "The Hashtag "___" requested by the user either cannot be seen due to missing permissions, is invalid or doesn't exist."

This is related to a bug in the new Instagram Hashtag API which Instagram have now fixed.  In order to fix this in the plugin, please do the following:

1) Update the plugin to v4.0.6
2) Go to the “Configure” page
3) Reconnect any Business accounts using the blue button labeled “Connect an Instagram Account”
4) Click “Save Changes”


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