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I’m having trouble updating a Pro WordPress plugin

If you’re unable to update a Pro plugin via your WordPress Plugins page then there could be a few reasons why:

Your license key isn’t activated on the website

If your license key isn’t successfully activated on your website then you won’t be able to install updates via your WordPress Plugins page. Follow these directions to activate your license key on your website. If your license key appears to already be activated on your website then try deactivating and reactivating it on the License page.

You are always able to check within your Account which website(s) your license key is activated on by clicking on the “Site Management” link within your account. The information displayed under the Site Management link is the most accurate source for this information as it is pulling the data directly from what is registered in our database for your license.

Troubleshooting: If you’re having an issue activating your license key on your website then please see this article.

The license key you’re trying to activate is invalid

Make sure you’re not accidentally trying to activate your license on the tabbed license page in the plugin settings while using the “purchase key” or an “invoice number”. Your License key is listed within your Account and also emailed to you when you first purchase the plugin.

You’ve exceeded the number of sites that your license can be activated on

If you have a Personal (1 site) license then check to make sure it isn’t already activated on another domain, such as a staging or test/development site. If you have a Business (5 site) license then it’s possible that you have already activated the license on 5 other domains. You can check which site(s) a license is activated on in your Account under Site Management.

Your license key has expired

If your license key has expired then you are no longer eligible to receive plugin updates. See here for information about renewing your license.

Server configuration issue

Some server configurations may cause an issue with updating the plugin.  Most notably, this is common with a Windows IIS server due to issues with file permissions and the handling of long file names.  It’s a good idea to reach out to your hosting company to ensure that file permissions are set correctly for your WordPress installation.  It is also possible that installing this plugin may fix the issue.

Some other possible issues:


Please note, you can also update the plugin manually by following the directions in these links:
Manually updating the Custom Facebook Feed plugin
Manually updating the Instagram Feed plugin


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