How do I renew my license?

Renewing your license is super easy, just view your Account page (or register for one if you don’t have one already) and click on the renew link next to your license under the Your Downloads tab. You can renew your license at a 50% discount off the purchase price of a new license. An email will also be sent to the address that you used when purchasing the plugin which contains information about renewing your license key and a direct link that you can use to do so.

You can also renew your license by using the tool on this page.

If you have any questions or issues regarding renewing your license key then please contact us.

Why renew?

Customer support
Without a valid license key you will no longer be able to receive updates or support for the Custom Facebook Feed plugin. A renewed license key grants you access to our top-notch, quick and effective support for another full year.

Maintenance With both WordPress and the Facebook API being updated on a regular basis we stay on top of the latest changes and provide frequent updates to keep pace.

New features We’re continually adding new features to the plugin, based on both customer suggestions and our own ideas for ways to make it better, more useful, more customizable, more robust and just more awesome! Renew your license to prevent from missing out on any of the new features added in the future.

Extensions In order to utilize the latest plugin extensions you need to be using the latest version of the plugin. Keep your plugin up to date and check out the new extensions as they are released.