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How do I create a Twitter list?

Twitter allows you to create a “list” of twitter accounts that you can create a feed of. The first step is creating a list on Twitter. Follow these steps to display a “lists” feed.

1) Log in to Twitter on and select Lists from the Profile and Settings menu

2) Click Create new list on the right side of your lists page

3) Give your list a name and click Save List

4) Follow the instructions to search for an account to add to your list or select one from those you follow

5) Find the settings icon (gear), click on it, and select Add or remove from lists…

6) Check the box next to the list you created and close

7) In the Twitter Feeds settings area, select the Lists feed type and use the helper to enter your screen name. A list of available Twitter lists will appear after your done typing. You can select the “+” icon to add the list id to your feed.

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