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Hide photos which contain a specific word or hashtag

Below version 6.0

You can easily display posts from a user account which contain certain hashtags by using the setting labeled ‘Remove photos containing these words or hashtags’ which can be found in the following location: Instagram Feed > Customize > Moderation.  The plugin will then hide any posts which contain those words or hashtags.

You can also specify words or hashtags for individual feeds by using the shortcode option; excludewords. For example:

[instagram-feed excludewords="bad, #words"]

Below version 2.0

You can hide photos which contain a specific word or hashtag by adding the following snippet to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section, which is on the plugin’s Customize page:

var excludeWords = ['smash','balloon','is','#awesome'];

 var $item = $(this), 
  caption = $item.find('.sbi_photo img').attr('alt');
 $.each( excludeWords, function( index, entry ) {
  if( caption.toLowerCase().indexOf(entry) > -1 ) $item.remove();

You would need to replace the word in the first line with any words which you want to use:
var excludeWords = ['hide','posts','with','these words'];

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