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The header and Follow button aren’t showing up. Why not?

Version 2.0 and above

In version 2.0 and above the header will show up on all feeds, but only the header for a User ID feed will display the user information. Hashtag feeds will display the hashtag in the header, and location feeds will simply display the word ‘Instagram’ in the header. The follow button will only be displayed on a User feed, as it isn’t possible to follow a hashtag or location. You can follow the directions further down this page titled “Adding the ‘Follow’ button manually” to add the Follow button manually into your feed.

Changing the header text

You can change the text used in the header by doing the following:

1) Add a class to your feed by using the ‘class’ shortcode option, like so [instagram-feed class="feed-one"]

2) Add the following snippet to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section which changes the header text of that feed:

$('.feed-one .sbi_header_text h3').text('My Feed');

Changing the header link

You can change the URL that the header links to by adding a class in the same way as above, and then using that class in the following snippet which you should also add to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section:

$('.feed-one .sb_instagram_header a').attr('href', '');


Less than Version 2.0

If you’re displaying posts from a hashtag then the plugin’s header and follow button won’t be displayed, as these are only used when displaying photos from a User ID. As they link to the Instagram account of the User ID specified then the plugin wouldn’t know which Instagram account to link to if displaying photos from a hashtag, as the photos are from multiple different users.

Adding the ‘Follow’ button manually

If you wish to display the Follow button with your hashtag feed then you can manually insert it by adding the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section, which is on the plugin’s Customize page:

if( $('#sbi_load .sbi_follow_btn').length == 0 ) $('#sbi_load').append('<div class="sbi_follow_btn"><a href="" style="" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-instagram"></i>Follow on Instagram</a></div>');

Adding the header manually

1) Add a class to your hashtag feed so that you can target it using the JavaScript snippet below.
For example: [instagram-feed class=hashtagExample]

2) Add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section, which is on the plugin’s Customize page, changing the “hashtagExample” text to match the class in your shortcode above, and the “YOUR_HASHTAG_HERE” text to be the name of your hashtag:

var shortcodeClass = 'hashtagExample',
instagramHashtag = 'YOUR_HASHTAG_HERE';

var instagramFeed = $('#sb_instagram.'+shortcodeClass);
if( instagramFeed.find('.sb_instagram_header').length == 0 ) instagramFeed.prepend('<div class="sb_instagram_header" style="padding: 10px; padding-bottom: 0;"><a href="'+instagramHashtag+'" target="_blank" class="sbi_header_link"><div class="sbi_header_text"><h3 class="sbi_no_bio" style="margin-left: 0 !important;">#'+instagramHashtag+'</h3></div></a></div>');

That will add a header to your feed which will link to the hashtag on Instagram.


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