How to Get an Instagram Access Token From Another Account

Below version 6.0

When you click on the big blue button on the Configure tab, the plugin will retrieve an access token associated with whatever account is currently logged in on the device you’re using. To get a new access token from another account, follow these steps:

Please Note:
Each Instagram account you use has its own individual login associated with it. There is sometimes confusion because on the Instagram mobile app once you connect an account you are not required to log in and out of each account when switching between them. If you do not know your login details for a specific account you can do a password reset on your username here.

1) Click on the big blue button on the “Configure” tab “Connect an Instagram Account”
2) If you aren’t prompted to log in, click on “Switch Accounts” when a window with your user name and avatar appears.
3) Go back to the “Configure” tab and click the “Connect an Instagram Account” again
4) Log back in with the new account

You can also try this method if using an older version of the plugin or the first method isn’t working.

1) Go to your account page at
2) Click on the gear icon next to “Edit Profile”
3) Click on “Log Out”
4) Log back in with the new account
5) Go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on the big blue button to “Get a New Access Token”

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