Displaying photos from multiple user accounts in the same feed

Version 6.0 and higher

User Feeds

To show photos from multiple user accounts in one feed, first connect the accounts at WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings > Manage Sources

Then go to WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > All Feeds, click Add New, select User Timeline for the Feed Type, and when you are selecting the sources for the feed, simply mark the checkbox for each account you would like to include.

Hashtag Feeds

When you create a Public Hashtag feed, this will display public posts that match the hashtag from any user account. To display a Public Hashtag feed, Instagram’s API requires that you connect your account as a Business Profile. We have more information about this and instructions for setting up a Business Profile connection here.

Below version 6.0

User Feeds

In order to display multiple user feeds, you’ll need to connect the Instagram accounts on the “Configure” tab. You can also use the access token from the accounts if you have them available.

After connecting the accounts, you can add the user names of each accounts to the shortcode: [instagram-feed user="smashballoon,my_other_account"]

Hashtag Feeds

You do not need to connect a specific account (though you will need to connect one account) in order to display multiple hashtag feeds. Just seperate multiple terms by comma:
[instagram-feed hashtag="#awesome,#balloons"]


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