Display photo caption when hovering over photo

Below version 6.0

To do this in version 2.0 and above simply use the checkboxes in the ‘Information to display’ setting to choose which information to show when hovering over a photo. You can find this in the following location: Instagram Feed > Customize > Photo Hover Style > Information to display


Below version 2.0 (legacy)

To achieve this just add the following snippet to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section, which is on the plugin’s Customize page:

  if( $(this).find('.sbi_caption_hover').length == 0 ) $(this).find('.sbi_link').append('<p class="sbi_caption_hover" style="padding: 10px;">'+$(this).find('.sbi_caption').text()+'</p>');
$('.sbi_caption, .sbi_expand, .sbi_username').hide();

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