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Can I display Tweets from a specific screen name that have a certain hashtag

There are two ways to filter a user feed. The most efficient may be to use a “search” feed though you will initially be limited to tweets made within the last 7 days. Once a tweet is retrieved it will be saved indefinitely, however.

Using a “Search” feed

Our guide to using search feeds can be very helpful for complex searches. To filter a user account feed by a hashtag, use this example:

[custom-twitter-feeds search="from:account #hashtag"]

Multiple hashtags:

[custom-twitter-feeds search="from:account #hashtag #anotherhashtag"]

Using “includewords”

To create a feed that only uses specific screen names but also only shows tweets that include a specific hashtag, you can use the Moderation section on the Customize tab

Custom Twitter Feeds Includewords Setting

You can also use the “includewords” setting directly in the shortcode like this:

[custom-twitter-feeds includewords="#myHashtag"]

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