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Add Like and Comment counts to the Instagram lightbox

Use this snippet to add like & comment counts to the popup lightbox.

First, make sure the the Likes & Comments Icons are enabled in your settings, in either of the following locations: Instagram Feed > Customize > Posts > Photo Hover Style > Information to display > Like/Comment Icons, or at Instagram Feed > Customize > Posts > Likes & Comments Icons > Show Icons.

Then, add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Customize > Advanced):

window.sbiLightboxAction = function() {
  var postID = jQuery('#sbi_photo_id').text();
  jQuery('.sbi_lb-details .sbi_meta').remove();
  jQuery('.sbi_lb-details').append( '<div class="sbi_meta">' + jQuery('#'+postID+' .sbi_meta').html() + '</div>' );

Also, add the following to the Custom CSS section, which is just above it:

.sbi_lightbox .sbi_meta * { color: #333 !important; font-size: 14px; margin-right: 5px; }
.sbi_lightbox .sbi_meta{ float: left; margin: 10px 0 0 0; }
.sbi_lightbox .sbi_meta span { margin-right: 15px; }

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