The deluxe version of Rare, featuring ‘Boyfriend,’ ‘She’ and ‘Souvenir,’ is out April 9th. You can presave it now and learn more about how to donate to the PLUS1 COVID-19 Fund in at the link in my bio. 🌹


Congrats to @Chivas for their incredible performance and this great final 🙌

A message from our Reebok family to yours: give yourself #PermissionToPause.

A debate as old as time: exercise before or after work? Find your answer here.

RS-X³ Move even looks like the drip emoji 💧 Cop now:

Don't be shy, sleep in more. Here's how it'll help improve your life and fitness.

All about getting that balance right. Cop the @mercedesamgf1 RS-X³:

What is this witchcraft @cache_bunny? 🤯 RS-X³ Move available now:

That no shoes in the house rule really gone out the window huh. RS-X³ Move just dropped:

Finding friendship and fitness from the comfort of your living room is easier than ever! Find out how to embrace social fitness here.


@Palmeiras wins the #PUMAKITCONTEST 🏆

Time to celebrate #FamíliaPalmeiras ⭐️

You don't have to run your maximum distance to get the maximum fitness reward. Learn how to scale back on your runs and still reap the benefits.

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