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“Many of the children’s physical fitness is very poor now. Although I can’t spend a lot of money to buy equipment for the children, I can create equipment for them with my hands.” - Lin Meizhen #justdoit #madetoplay

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Bolt's 9.58s world record in the 100M still stands today, and he also holds the two fastest times behind that of 9.69s and 9.72s

Today is the 10th anniversary of the 9.58 seconds world record sprint. @PUMA will present Bolt with a one of a kind portrait created by the famous Swiss artist David Diehl. Can’t believe it’s 10 years already?!! How long will that record stand?

Video: https://t.co/zILOEdYIsO

10 Years Ago Today: @usainbolt clocks the 100m world record of 9.58 seconds in Berlin, one year to the day after lowering the mark to 9.69 at the Beijing Olympics. https://t.co/p5tO3mVlaC

10 years on and Usain Bolt's 100m world record run in Berlin is just as iconic.

And so is Michael Johnson's reaction! 🤣

Nipsey Hussle would've been 34 today. Read about why he was one of rap’s most genuine figures:



Happy birthday to you bro .... I know you somewhere doing some cool shit feeling good!!!! #themarathoncontinues @NipseyHussle 💙💙💙

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Happy Birthday to Nipsey Hussle, who would have turned 34 today. His legacy never dies. The marathon continues. 🏁💙🕊

“Everything that was taken from me, every opportunity I was denied, that’s what I want these kids to have.” - Neide Santos #justdoit #madetoplay

Find out how you can take action: https://t.co/IgoKWjV5h7

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