Change Log

= Version 1.1.2 – April 23, 2020 =
* Tweak: Video thumbnails are cropped to a 9:16 aspect ratio to remove black bars at the top and bottom of the images.
* Tweak: Improved workarounds for video player issues caused by having YouTube iframes from other sources on the same page.
* Fix: YouTube video post type would sometimes cause issues with WordPress search feature.

= Version 1.1.1 – April 7, 2020 =
* Tweak: Add setting to load iframes with the rest of the page to prevent conflict caused by other plugin’s or theme’s YouTube players being on the same page.
* Tweak: Upcoming and currently playing live streams are loaded into the feed differently allowing for up to 15 videos to display in a feed.
* Fix: Emoji in video description would cause the wrong thumbnail to be used for list layout.
* Fix: Line breaks in combination with double quotes in video descriptions would cause feed display issues.

= Version 1.1 – April 3, 2020 =
* Tested with WordPress 5.4 update.
* New: Display video players in 9:16 ratio. To use 3:4 ratio, go to the “Customize” tab, “Video Experience” area.
* New: “Single” feed type added. Use this type to display individual YouTube videos using the video ID.
* New: Added a “Feeds for YouTube” Gutenberg block to use in the block editor, allowing you to easily add a feed to posts and pages.
* Tweak: Removed extra space between posts if there was no info for the video included in the feed.
* Tweak: Changed how live streaming video feed type works to be more reliable.
* Tweak: Non Feeds for YouTube admin notices are removed when viewing settings pages for Feeds for YouTube.
* Tweak: Slight styling changes for how end of video actions are displayed.
* Fix: Pagination for certain feed types would not work properly.
* Fix: PHP error related to using PHP version 5.3 or less.
* Fix: Background caching was not updating feed caches.

= Version 1.0 – January 1, 2020 =
*New: Launch!