WordPress Plugin Tech Support Person

We’re looking to hire a remote customer support person to help us provide email support to the lovely users of our Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin! We’re looking for someone to work either part time or full time. If you’re interested in working with us then keep reading…

What is Smash Balloon?

We’re a WordPress plugin development company. We build free plugins for the WordPress platform and offer paid versions of those plugins here on our website. We currently have two plugins; the Custom Facebook Feed plugin (free, pro) and the Instagram Feed plugin (free, pro). We’re currently a three-man team based in Minnesota, USA.

What would you be doing?

When a user of our Custom Facebook Feed plugin has a question or issue using the plugin then they submit a support ticket via the support form on our website. Your job would be to help us to respond to customers, to answer their questions or help solve any issues they’re having. For an example of some typical support requests take a look here.

Day to day tasks would include;

  • Responding to user support tickets in a timely manner
  • Helping to answer questions or troubleshoot issues users have with the plugin
  • Providing high-level advice to users on how to set up and customize the plugin
  • Identifying possible bugs or conflicts in the plugin
  • Updating and maintaining plugin documentation when needed

There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in other parts of the business if you have an interest in doing so. Working on improving or adding new sections to the website, or even getting involved in the development of new or existing plugins.

What we’re looking for

Keeping our users and customers happy is our top priority, and so we pride ourselves on offering very helpful, friendly and effective support. For this reason, we’re looking for someone who has the following personal qualities:

  • You’re a positive person who enjoys helping people and going above and beyond to make their day
  • You’re honest, patient, polite, friendly and have a sense of humor
  • You speak/write in fluent English and are an excellent written communicator
  • You enjoy solving problems and getting to the bottom of issues
  • You have the desire and curiosity to develop your skills and continue to improve

Technical qualities

As the role is for providing support for a WordPress plugin, then you’d need to be comfortable working with WordPress and front-end web development languages. If your technical skills aren’t very advanced then we’d still consider you, as it’s possible to improve on the job, but the more advanced your technical skills are the better, and the more valuable you’ll be to us right out of the gate.

Ideally we’re looking for someone who;

  • Has experience with the WordPress platform and using WordPress plugins
  • Has experience working with front-end coding languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery)
  • Has some basic experience troubleshooting common front-end website issues, such as CSS conflicts and JavaScript errors
  • Is familiar with using Facebook and understands the basic differences between profiles, pages and groups.

Bonus points!

  • You have some experience with custom WordPress theme or plugin development
  • You’re comfortable writing basic CSS or JavaScript code snippets
  • You have experience working with the Facebook Graph API
  • You have previous experience providing support for web-based products/plugins

What’s in it for you?

Flexible hours

The actual working hours are flexible, and we’re open to discussing what works best for you, but the ideal situation for us is someone who could split the hours up over the day, for example; 2 hours in the morning (US Central Time) and 2 hours in the afternoon/evening, or perhaps smaller chunks throughout the day.

Work from anywhere

We’re an entirely online business and so although we’d prefer it if you were based in the US Midwest, we will consider applicants in other locations so long as you have a reliable internet connection.

Competitive pay

Starting pay would vary based on your experience level, and we offer performance-based raises on a regular basis. Obviously the more value you’re able to provide to the company the more we’re able to pay you.

Opportunities to learn

If you’re interested in learning how an online business works or want to improve your web development skills then you’d have plenty of opportunities to learn on the job.

Be part of a growing company

We’re small, but growing fast, and if you’re a good fit then there’s plenty of opportunity to become more heavily involved in the business as it grows.

I’m the right person for the job!

Great – we’re excited to hear from you! To apply just fill in the form below.

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  • Do you have any personal attributes, technical skills or experience which is relevant to this position?
  • If you've built websites, have a github profile, or have worked on anything web-based in the past which demonstrates your technical ability, then please provide a link and a brief description of what you did
  • Where abouts are you located?
  • When do you anticipate being able to work?
  • What are you hourly rate requirements/expectations?
  • This is entirely optional, but if you'd like to include your resume/CV, or any other files you think would be helpful, then be our guest!