Change text of Facebook post Call-To-Action buttons

By default, the plugin uses the text provided by the Facebook API, but this can be changed by adding the following snippet to the plugin’s “Custom JavaScript” section (Customize > Misc):

Changing the size of the Facebook author avatar

The standard size of the Facebook author avatar is 40px but this can be increased by using the following snippets.

Add dates to Photo, Video, and Album feeds

You can use this snippet to add dates below the posts in your Photo, Album, and Video grid feeds.

Create a custom title in your Facebook posts

This allows you to grab a certain piece of text from your Facebook post and create a title out of it.

Add captions text to Photos grid layout

To add caption text below each photo in your Photos grid feed simply add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc):

Custom Snippets

CSS WordPress Plugin: Copy and paste these into the Custom CSS section, found under the Misc tab on the plugin’s Customize page. Standalone Plugin: Add these snippets to your website’s […]

Create a “pinned post” in your Custom Facebook Feed

Pin a post to the top of your Facebook feed using this handy code snippet.

Remove a particular string or hashtag from the post text

If you’re using a hashtag to filter posts (eg: #showonwebsite) then you may not want that hashtag to show up in your feed. You can use the following snippet to remove a particular string or hashtag.

Add an “Invite” link to the bottom of your events

Due to Facebook API limitations it’s not possible to add the actual functionality of the Invite button which you see on Facebook in your event, but you can add an invite link to the bottom of your events which will link users to the event on Facebook and allow them to invite other people from there. Just add the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section (Customize > Misc > Custom JavaScript):

Use full size images in Facebook Photo grid feed

By default, the plugin uses a medium sized image in the photo feed grid layout to help with performance, and then displays the full size image in the popup lightbox. To use the full size image for the actual photos in the grid layout too, you can use the following JavaScript snippet.

Reverse the order of comments beneath your Facebook posts

You can reverse the order of the comments beneath your Facebook posts by adding the following to the plugin’s Custom JavaScript section:

Add Facebook event details to the lightbox

By default, only the event name and date is displayed in the pop-up lightbox. To display all of the information just follow these directions.

Displaying a stacked event date format

If you’d like to display the date in your events to be stacked like in the image below then you can do this by using a couple of Custom JavaScript and Custom CSS snippets.

Change the size of the Load More button

To change the size of the Load More button simply add the following to the plugin’s Custom CSS section (Customize > Misc > Custom CSS). You can change the width value in the snippet as needed.

Reversing the order of items in a photo, video, or album feed

Use this snippet to reverse the order of visible items in a photos, videos, or albums feed.

Insert your own content every X number of posts

Add ads or content in between your Facebook posts.

Change Border Color Around Post Box on Hover (3D Effect)

Create a “3D” effect on the post box when the visitor hovers over it with the mouse.

Change the Share Tool Tip Box

Change the background color, icon color, or icon color on hover.

Change Background Colors and Opacity

The plugin does not have a setting for background opacity so you would need to clear the background color option and use this code.

Center the Like Box

The likebox is floated to the left of the page by default but can be centered by following the directions below: