How to Set Up a Backup Feed for the Standalone Version

Due to the rate limit change by Instagram, it may be a good idea to add a “backup” feed to display in case getting new posts from Instagram’s API is not possible. Here are the steps:

1) Make sure you are using version 2.7.1 of Instagram Feed Standalone or higher.

2) Add the class “sbi-has-backup” to the feed html to allow the code to use code meant for backup feeds.

3) Copy the HTML using developer tools. In Chrome, while viewing your feed, right click on your feed and select “Inspect.” Then right click again while hovered over the “sbi_images” div. Select “Copy” -> “Copy outerHTML”.

4) Paste the HTML inside the main div elements for the feed.

5) You can repeat these steps if you would also like a backup of your header. The header div has the class “sb_instagram_header”.