How to get an extended Facebook User Access Token

Known issue: Error: (#200): Due to some sudden Facebook changes Access Tokens from new Facebook apps are temporarily unable to access the Facebook API. You can still display most types of content in our plugin by leaving the “Facebook Access Token” field blank.

Due to the security restrictions that Facebook places on it’s users content, in order to display some types of content outside of Facebook they require you to use a ‘User’ Access Token. To obtain a User Access Token just follow the steps below.

1) First, follow the directions in the App access token tutorial to register as a developer and set up a Facebook App – then return to this page and follow the directions below. You’ll need the App ID and App Secret from the app you set up to obtain your User Access Token.
Note: If you already have a Facebook App set up then you can skip this step and go straight to step 2 below.

2) Once your app is set up, go to the Facebook Explorer and log in using your personal Facebook account.

Facebook User Access Token step 1

3) Select the app that you set up in step 1 from the Application drop down list

Facebook User Access Token step 2

4) Click on Get Token > Get User Access Token

Facebook User Access Token step 3

5) Select the user_likes, user_photos, user_posts, user_status, user_videos, manage_pages, user_events, and user_managed_groups checkboxes, and then click on the Get Access Token button

Facebook User Access Token step 4

6) Click OK when a prompt appears


7) You should now see an Access Token generated for you. Important: Make sure to copy and paste this into the form in the next step to get an extended User Access Token.

Facebook User Access Token step 5

8) Copy and paste your Access Token, your App ID and App Secret (from the Facebook App that you set up in step 1) into the fields below and click Get my User Access Token. You can copy and paste your new Access Token into the Access Token field of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin