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Why are deleted images still showing up in my Instagram feed?

This issue is related to two settings within your plugin settings.

The “Optimize Images” setting allows the plugin to create and store resized versions of previously downloaded images in order to serve a more optimized resolution size in the feed.  If the option is enabled it is storing previously downloaded images for decreased page loading time as it is grabbing directly from the stored images for the site and does not have to download them again from Instagram.

To fix the issue do one of the following options:

Option 1: To clear deleted photos once

Step 1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings >  Advanced > In the “Optimize Images” click the Reset button. This will delete the cached images and on the next page load, these posts should be removed. You may also need to clear your websites other cache to ensure the site is updated.

Option 2: To stop caching photos

Note: This will not be compatible with the GDPR options in our plugin and may cause API errors depending on how often your site is viewed. If you have issues with the optimization disabled, please enable it again.

Step 1.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Instagram Feed > Settings >  Advanced > In the “Optimize Images” section:

Step 2. Set the “Optimize Images” setting is disabled and click on “Save Changes” at the top of the page. Disabling the option stops the action of storing images.

Step 3. Next click on the “Reset” button which purges the stored images that were being fed to the feed display earlier.  Then click on “Save Changes” again.

Step 4. If you wish to enable the optimizations again, go back and re-enable the “Optimize Images” settings and click on “Save Changes” to again store the images locally thereby speeding up site performance.


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