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My Facebook feed won’t load in an AJAX-enabled theme, page, form, or plugin

Some themes or plugins use a technique called AJAX to retrieve content after a web page has already been opened in your browser. Some examples of this are themes that switch pages without fully reloading the current page in your browser, plugins that display content in tabs or with “infinite” loading, or forms that show new content once a visitor has submitted them.

You can see a more complete explanation of AJAX in this article.

If the Facebook Feed is located in a section of content that is not displayed when the page is initially loaded, but instead loaded dynamically with AJAX, this can sometimes cause the feed to not display properly or not at all. Please see the information below for steps on how to resolve this problem.

AJAX Theme Loading Fix Setting

We have a setting in the plugin that can fix this problem in many cases. To enable this setting, go to WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > Settings > Advanced, enable AJAX theme loading fix, and click Save Changes.

Set Your Theme or Plugin to Run the Facebook Feed Initialization Function

If you enable the AJAX theme loading fix setting but the Facebook feed is still not loading properly, themes and plugins that load content with AJAX often provide an area in their settings where you can add JavaScript code that should run when it loads new content. The name of this setting will vary between different themes and plugins, but it will usually be called something similar to “Custom JavaScript” or “Initialization JavaScript”

Adding the line of code below will run the Facebook feed’s initialization function, which should allow it to load correctly:


If none of these steps resolve the problem, you may need to disable AJAX loading functionality in the theme or plugin you are using, or display the Facebook feed in an area of content that is loaded during the initial page load, instead of dynamically.


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