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How to use the Moderation Features of the Reviews plugin

Using this feature allows you to preview feeds before allowing individual posts to show up to visitors, and create a list of specific posts you’d like to display in a feed.

To use this feature, navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Reviews Feed > Feed Settings > Settings tab > Moderation > Enable the moderation option.

You can moderate your reviews in 2 ways; the “Allow List” option will hide ALL the reviews, so you can select the ones you want to show manually, whereas the “Block List” will show ALL the reviews, so you can select the ones you want to hide manually. In this example, we only want to show manually selected reviews, so we’ll continue with the Allow List.

You can use the “Filter” option to narrow down the list of reviews and help you select those you want to display or hide on your feed. You can filter by the number of stars, by the provider, or by date. Furthermore, you can also use the search bar next to the filter drop-down to search for specific words.

Once you have finished selecting those reviews you want to show or hide, use the “Show Selected” tab to review your selections, then click the “Save and Exit

If you want to only show reviews with a certain number of stars, or you want to show or hide reviews with certain keywords, check the guide: “How to use the Filter Features of the Reviews plugin


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