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How do I find my Facebook Page or Group ID?

Finding your Facebook Page ID

If you have a Facebook page with a URL like this: then the Page ID is just smashballoon.

If your page URL structured like this: then the ID is 1234567890.

If your page URL is structured like this: then the Page ID is actually the number at the end, so in this case 123654123654123.


You can find the ID of your Facebook Group from the URL, like so:

Another way to find your Page or Group ID is with our Facebook Manual Account Connection Tool. This will also allow you to retrieve access tokens for your pages and groups to set up a connection manually in the plugin. We have more information about this here.

Testing your ID

You can double check your Facebook Page ID by just putting it after and seeing whether it takes you to your Facebook page or group. If it takes you to your Facebook page or group then the ID is correct. For example:

Once you have your ID, try out the demo to view your page or group in the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

If you have any trouble figuring out your Page ID then just shoot us a message and we’ll help you out.


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