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Display posts from multiple Facebook pages

The Custom Facebook Feed plugin is very flexible and allows you to display posts from as many different Facebook pages as you like on either the same page of your website or on different pages throughout your site. You can use the standard [custom-facebook-feed] shortcode to display posts from the Facebook Page ID that you set on the plugin’s Settings page. You can then use our handy Shortcode Options to set a different Facebook Page ID directly in the shortcode like so:

[custom-facebook-feed id=smashballoon]
[custom-facebook-feed id=nike]
[custom-facebook-feed id=adidas]

You can also use the shortcode options to customize each different feeds in many different ways, changing the layout, number and type of posts, and much more. For more information on using the shortcode options to customize your feeds please refer to this post.

If you’d like to merge posts from multiple different Facebook pages into one single feed and mix all of the posts together then you can use our Multifeed extension. Refer to this post for more information.

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