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Can I display feeds from multiple Facebook pages?

Due to some recent Facebook API changes it is currently only possible to display posts from a Facebook “Page” that you are assigned a role for such as admin, editor, etc. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Yes, this is possible as long as you can generate an access token for these pages.

WordPress Plugin

You can set your default Facebook Page ID on the Custom Facebook Feed settings page within the WordPress admin, you can then define different page accounts in the shortcodes you use to show multiple feeds from different Facebook pages. Once you have the Facebook pages connected to the plugin, just use the account option in your shortcode like so: [custom-facebook-feed account=another_page_id]. You can use as many shortcodes as you like with as many different accounts as you like.

PHP Standalone Version

You can set you default Facebook Page ID within the fbfeed-settings.php file, you can then pass other Page IDs into the fbFeed() function to show multiple feeds from different Facebook pages, like so:

$custom = array(
'id' => '171662759544449',

fbFeed($settings, $custom);

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