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Custom Twitter Feeds – GDPR Compliance

Important: If you are using our Custom Twitter Feeds plugin on your website then please refer to our GDPR disclosure for full details regarding compliance and how data is transferred and stored.

GDPR Setting

The Custom Twitter Feed plugin includes a setting to enable special GDPR related features in feeds. By default this setting is set to “Automatic.” If one of the following plugins is detected, the plugin will load a GDPR compliant version of the feed until consent is given:

For other GDPR plugins that are not listed here, if they have a setting to run custom JavaScript code once the cookie notice has been accepted, see this guide for setting up a GDPR integration.

Before the visitor gives consent, the GDPR compliant version of the feed has the following differences:

  • Only local images (not from Twitters’s CDN) will be displayed in the feed.
  • Placeholder blank images will be displayed until images are available.
  • To view videos, visitors will click a link to view the video on Twitter.
  • Avatars will not display in Tweets.
  • The maximum image resolution will be 700 pixels wide in the lightbox.

If this setting is enabled, and your web server is not configured to allow the setting to work as expected, then you may see the following errors that need to be addressed:

  • Images cannot be resized and stored locally.
  • Image uploads folder was not created.
    • Your server must be configured to allow directories in the uploads folder to be created. Please contact your host to ask them to allow this.
  • Custom database tables were not created.
    • Your MySQL user must have “create” capabilities. Please contact your host for help with this.

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