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Converting YouTube Videos to a WordPress Custom Post Type

When videos are displayed in a feed, the videos are automatically saved in your WordPress database as custom posts. By default, these posts have the status of “draft” so they can’t be visited as individual pages on your website. Below are some details on how you can publish some or all of these posts and what options are available for how they are displayed:

See All Saved Videos

All saved videos can be found by going to Feeds for YouTube > All Videos. Here you can see details about each post and manually edit or publish each individually.

When videos are set to the Publish status, the videos can show up in the default WordPress search feature for your site and will also have a dedicated permalink which helps search engines index your video content. The post date is set as the original publish date on YouTube, the post title is set to the video title, and the post content is set as the post content. A shortcode is used to add the video player on the page. You can edit any of this information without changing what information displays in feeds.

Single Video Settings

By default, all videos are set to the Draft status when saved by the plugin, this can be changed by going to Feeds for YouTube > Single Video Settings > Video Post Status

You can control what information is displayed for the videos. The only option selected by default is Stats (like and comment counts).

For each channel, you have the option to View All, Publish All, and Trash All so you have more control over the videos for each channel.

Make the Video Posts Searchable

Once the posts are published, they will show up in the WordPress search feature by default. Most themes also support search widgets which can be placed on your site through the widgets area to allow your site visitors to search for your videos.

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