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Combine two different feed types into a single feed

If you want to create a combined feed, for example a hashtag and user feed, follow these steps. Note that the “Load More” button will only work for one of the feed types.

Using feed type “mixed” (version 3.0 and above)

As of version 3.0 of the “Pro” version you can use the shortcode setting type=”mixed” to display a feed of multiple types. Just add the feed types user name, location, or hashtag in the shortcode like this:

[instagram-feed type="mixed" user="smashballoon" hashtag="#awesome"]

Using JavaScript and Shortcodes (version 2.11 and below)


[instagram-feed class="sbmainfeed" type="user"]
[instagram-feed class="sbdonorfeed" type="hashtag"]

Use the “sbmainfeed” class for the feed type you would like the “Load More” button to load more posts from.


var sbdonor = $('.sbdonorfeed').find('.sbi_item');

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