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The Social Wall plugin integrates effortlessly with all of our plugins and allows you to create a social media wall that brings all of your content into one place where you can engage website visitors and grow followers for all of your channels. Get the bundle to display Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content all in one single wall.

Photo of the Day: Strolling through the color spectrum 🎨 Snapped by Steve Rule in New Mexico.

#GoPro #Landscape #LanscapePhotography #FallColors #Fall #Autumn

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Photo of the Day: Thankful for this Earth 🤙🌎 Views provided by #GoProAthlete Aniol Serrasolses

#GoPro #Thanksgiving #Thankful #Kayak #Kayaking #Waterfall

When the rolls are ready, all rules go out the window 🥖 Happy #Thanksgiving from all of us at #GoPro 🦃

🐭 #GoProAwards recipient Enliang Wang

#HappyThanksgiving #Cute #Hungry #Thankful #Feast

It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. and we wanted to give out a special shoutout to you guys.

On behalf of the Smash Balloon team, we wish you a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Have a Smashing Thanksgiving Day! 🥧

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Photo of the Day: Shopping last-second supplies for the Thanksgiving feast with #GoProHERO11 Black 🤤 Rafael Estrada Rosas up the goods just in time.

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Sound on 🔊 "Take the limits off your life!" – Nichole Miles-Sullivan during her first ever BASE jump.

Would you leap with #GoProAwards recipient Jimmy Peterson? 🪂

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🐈 #GoProAwards recipient Gaspard Bettinger

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The #GoProSnow Challenge is back ❄️ Whatever the activity is this winter, you'll need a #GoPro to capture the memory. Cash + cold-weather essentials are up for grabs when you submit your clips + pics to

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We're skiing top to bottom tomorrow! Our teams will be working on final touches in the morning, so look for skier access on the Gondola to open mid-day.

Download our app for trail and lift details!

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Introducing the Lens Tool in the Quik App 🔭 Capture immersive shots with #GoProHERO11 Black using #HyperView or 8:7 + seamlessly swap digital lenses in the #Quik app after shooting.

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Photo of the Day: SUP with it, Autumn 🍂 Kaede Ogasawara snapped this shot on a crisp morning in Japan with #GoProHERO11 Black.

#GoPro #SUP #Reflection #Fall #Autumn #FallColors #Foliage

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Photo of the Day: Just in time for sunset 🕰 Samuele Giuseppe Galletta found a perfect reflection in the streets of London.

#GoPro #GoProTravel #Reflection #BigBen #London

Photo of the Day: Soccer on the world's biggest stage kicks off tomorrow 🏆 Who've you got? ⚽️ Snapped by Archis Patil.

#GoPro #Soccer #Football #Futbol #Qatar

Going dark 🔦 #GoProAwards recipient Nikolaj Rasmussen took home $500 for submitting this pitch-black POV from #GoProMAX to

#GoPro #HyperSmooth #GoProMTB #Bike #DownhillMTB #Scary #Austria

The Consumer Technology Association has spoken—HERO11 Black Mini is a 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Digital Imaging + Photography category 💪

Learn more on The Current 👇

Photo of the Day: Caught up in Connecticut's colors 🎨 Snapped by #GoProFamily member Bryan Hughan.

#GoPro #Autumn #Colors #FallColors #Foliage #Hammock #Fall


We popped top-to-bottom and village-to-village access today! We also opened Challenge and some terrain off of Kangaroo Cornice! We’re now skiing and riding on nearly 300 acres. Is there more on the way? Stay tuned! T2B shot on @GoPro

No tires are safe on lay-days for #GoProAthlete @danielricciardo 🏎 He enjoys his time behind the wheel of a Mclaren 765LT with #GoProHERO11 Black Mini

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VIDEO: Here's a view from my @GoPro at the @NASAKennedy press site for #Artemis I. Just stunning. There are no words. The #SLS turned night to day with a thunderous sound.
#Artemis1 #ArtemisI

Photo of the Day: Frozen in time 🧊 Creative capture by Cels Codina.

#ProTip: Stay frosty with our Enduro Extended Cold Weather Battery, now available in a 2-pack.

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Photo of the Day: The finish line of a fatiguing trail run 🏁☀️ Cels Codina enjoyed the fruits of his labor + documented it on #GoProHERO11 Black 🏃‍♂️

#GoPro #TrailRunning #GoldenHour #Running #EnduranceRunning #Sunset

Trusted by over 150,000 users

5 stars Rated 4.9/5 on WordPress WordPress
Great plugin functionality and support. Adds massive extensibility and control over the social media feeds on your website. Fantastic, swift support from friendly developers – highly recommended.
@davidthreefour @davidthreefour
Stellar service, great plugin. The customer service was incredible. So polite and helpful at the same time. The plugin is great. It is very fast. It shaved ~2 seconds off our page load time. For us the configurability and the light-weight were what sold us. The customer support just knocked it out of the ball park. Highly recommended!
@fowlerj @fowlerj
Probably the best plugin I have ever used! So easy to configure and set up. Joel in the support team was fabulous at getting the issue with my theme resolved (it is a custom theme I inherited and had been incorrectly configured) but the team quickly identified my issue and help me to fix my theme. I can’t speak highly enough of this plugin.
@siverfox @siverfox
@smashballoon – What an AMAZING plug-in. Can’t begin to tell you how much time this has saved me. The reviews were so good, I didn’t believe them because they seemed over the top. Wrong. They are right on the money. One of the easiest to use plug-ins I’ve ever purchased.
dandeibert dandeibert(dandeibert)
Just used the customised Twitter Feed from @smashballoon on a new clients website. Absolutely brilliant. Just what I needed.
FluidWebDev Fluid Web Dev(FluidWebDev)
We are LOVING @smashballoon apps, but their customer service is AWESOME and QUICK! Thanks Guys!
theartisanslist ARTISANS LIST(theartisanslist)
Loving the @smashballoon plugins for displaying @instagram and @twitter posts – been looking for something like this for a while and nothing has ever really worked as well as this. Highly recommended for anyone looking to share their social media posts on @wordpress…
QuarryAndCastle Quarry & Castle(QuarryAndCastle)
@smashballoon Thank you! Your prompt reply & quick service is AMAZING! It’s scary giving money where there’s no number to call and no live chat. Your same day email reply & quick fix of my mistake makes me feel secure in doing continued business with SmashBalloon!
victoryfitclub Clem Lafrades(victoryfitclub)
Simply the best ever support experience and plugin performance. Not only i found a very easy and understandable plugin setting-wise, with a lot of options for personalising. I found an impeccable support from the team, kind and professional. Ready to help and prompt in any answer. Really recommend a thousand times <3
@joniko266 @joniko266
Great customer support from @smashballoon! Thank you very much guys! Great job sorting out issues fast & nicely 🙂
buscatlavida busca’t la vida®(buscatlavida)
I agree @WiseArts I love the @smashballoon social feed plugins. They are my go-to for my #WordPress feed needs
genoq Geno Quiroz(genoq)
Amazing tech support from @smashballoon – your @WordPress plugin support is awesome – thanks for your help!
jennye Jenny Evans(jennye)
@smashballoon I love your products so much that I buy them all. Great work! I am having fun here.
Chachrist Chachrist(Chachrist)
Excellent Product, Excellent Support. I’ve been using this plug-in for years, and it’s the best one I’ve found. Not only that, but the folks who reply to emails are smart and speedy, and they answer your questions comprehensively and patiently. Finally, I’m happy to pay for this plug-in because I want to support indie developers.
@jrick @jrick
@smashballoon Best WordPress plugin yet, worth every penny. Great customer service!
Tweets_Sander Sander Hermans(Tweets_Sander)
Great Products, Great Customer Service. I’ve used several Smash Balloon plugins on my clients’ websites and I always find them to be stable and to work well. Perhaps twice in the last five years I had an issue with understanding their billing and they went above my expectations to solve my small issues. I highly recommend their products.
@sippsters @sippsters

8 reasons why our customers love Twitter Feed Pro

We build our plugins so that anyone can use them. No complicated setup steps, no headaches.

All our plugins are highly customizable and provide tons of options to configure or style your feed.

Websites should be fast. That means your Twitter feed should be too. Speed is one of our top priorities.

All Twitter posts are embedded into your page source code equals regularly updated bot-readable content.

All of our plugins include integrations with popular privacy consent plugins and a one-click GDPR setting.

Easily remove posts from your feed you don't want to show, or create feeds of specially curated posts.

Built with rock solid reliability in mind so your feeds don't go down when the rest of the web does.

We're not just in the plugin business, we're in the customer support business! And pride ourselves on it.

Learn more about our feeds

Learn more about our feeds

Timeline Feeds

Twitter timeline feeds are a great way to keep your site updated with your latest brand updates without having to continually update your site. Just connect your Twitter account and you can then pull in Tweets from any public account on Twitter. Even combine multiple account timelines into a single power feed!

Twitter Slideshows

Use the Twitter Feed Pro plugin to create slideshow carousels of Tweets anywhere on your WordPress site. Customize the number of rows and columns, slide interval time, loop type, navigation display, and more, to showcase your content in a variety of ways.

Twitter Mention Feeds

Kind of a big deal? Display tweets by others that mention your Twitter handle, all in a single feed. It’s a great way to show social proof right on your site to help convert visitors where it matters most. Filter your feeds so only mentions that contain specific keywords are displayed, or exclude mentions which include specific words, to ensure the Tweets you want to display are included.


Aggregate social media content into an easy social media wall for WordPress

Ever wish you had an easy way to combine your social media feeds in one place?

With the Social Wall Pro, now you can!

Use Social Wall Pro to display social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube on a centralized wall posted on your website.

This easy-to-use tool can help you boost your followers in all 4 platforms, increase user engagement and grow your business via successful social media marketing.

Boost Your Brand Awareness and Followers

Are you struggling to build your social media presence? You’re not alone.

Businesses like you need social media to grow. 51% of the world’s population now use social media, after all.

That’s why Social Wall Pro was made. The plugin helps you:

– Target your ideal audience: Social Wall Pro shows all your social media feeds to targeted traffic — website visitors who are already interested in your brand.

– Boost your brand awareness: The more people know you, the more likely they’ll trust you. Make your brand more consistent and recognizable by using Social Wall Pro to display a centralized wall with your top social media accounts on your website.

– Supercharge your social media followers: Get more followers on not just 1, but 4 social media accounts! Adding your social media feeds to WordPress gives your site visitors an easy way to follow and engage with you.

The result? The more your ideal audience engages with you and trusts your brand, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Smash Balloon plugins?

Smash Balloon plugins are perfect for business owners, marketers, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and basically anyone else who wants to integrate social media content into their website to help grow their following, increase conversions, save time, or engage more with their users.

Do I need coding skills or a developer app?

Nope! We understand that many WordPress users aren’t technical and so have built all of our plugins to be as easy as possible to set up and use. The easy feed setup process just requires you to login into your social media account and the plugin will do the rest. By default the plugins will inherit the styles from your theme so no customization is required, but in case you want to tweak things we have a wide variety of customization settings built in.

Will Smash Balloon plugins slow down my site?

Our plugins are specifically built with speed and performance in mind. All the data retrieved from the various social media platforms is cached by the plugin in order to minimize requests. We also dynamically load data as needed to ensure that your page speed stays lightning fast.

Do Smash Balloon plugins work on non-WordPress sites?

Our plugins are designed and built for WordPress and so don’t work with other platforms.

Can I use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites?

Yes, you can use Smash Balloon plugins on client sites in two ways. Either you can purchase the Developer license or All Access Bundle OR purchase an appropriate license for each client sites (yes you can refer them and earn 20% commission through our affiliate program).


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