Smash Balloon Editorial Policy

Hello and welcome to Smash Balloon, home of the best social media feed plugins for WordPress. Learn about our Editorial Policy and the guiding principles and processes that shape our editorial team’s work.

We sincerely appreciate your readership and support for the content we produce here at Smash Balloon. We’d like to briefly outline our editorial guidelines and clarify the topics we cover in the Smash Balloon website.

Our Background

Smash Balloon was founded in June 2013 by John Brackett as the go-to WordPress social media feed plugins that are easy to use and simple to customize – even if you’re a WordPress newbie.

Our mission is to make it quick and easy for you to create, customize and embed social feeds on WordPress, so you can use social proof to grow your business online.

In 2015, our general manager and team leader Craig Schlegel joined Smash Balloon after recognizing the dedication of our founder to delivering exceptional customer service and creating the most powerful and reliable social media products in the market.

In 2020, we became part of the Awesome Motive family, founded by Syed Balkhi, to provide top-notch software and training resources tailored for WordPress users.

Since launching in 2013, Smash Balloon has built quite a huge user base.

Today, more than 1.75 million users rely on our WordPress social media feed plugins to effortlessly display their social media content from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google reviews, Yelp, Tripadvisor and more on their websites, helping them gain more followers, engagement, and sales.

We’re also proud to be rated 4.9/5 stars on, which speaks volumes about the exceptional quality and reliability of both our customer support and social media plugin features.

Our Editorial Team

Every member of our editorial team is hands-on with WordPress and social media, using them both in our daily lives.

Smash Balloon’s editorial staff includes a dedicated team of marketers, programmers, writers, video creators, and editors with over 10 years of experience in WordPress, tech support, documentation and social media marketing.

Interested in writing for Smash Balloon? Check out all available positions on the Awesome Motive careers page.

Our Written and Video Content

As online marketing practitioners, we regularly publish and maintain 4 types of content for the Smash Balloon website and Smash Balloon channel in YouTube:

Our editorial team is extremely committed to publishing updated and accurate content to help you integrate social media in your website and leverage the power of social proof to boost brand trust and increase your sales. 

We install, test, and use the WordPress plugins, software and social media apps that we feature in our content so we can provide first-hand experience and our decade-long expertise in showing how these products work to promote your products and services online. 

Before publication, our content undergoes a detailed review led by our Content Marketing Manager or General Manager, ensuring that the content is fact-checked and reviewed for accuracy and integrity.

During our research process for both written and video content, we sign up, install and activate the WordPress plugins, software and social media apps on our test websites, smartphones and tablets, so we can personally assess their features, user-friendliness, and overall functionality.

In addition, our editorial team also does in-depth research and analyzes both industry expert opinions and customer testimonials about the social media products and WordPress plugins that we feature in our content.

Our editorial team dedicates time and resources to ensure both our written content and videos are up-to-date. Smash Balloon’s full-time Senior Writers, Video Content Creators and Content Marketing Manager regularly check and refresh content every few months to guarantee that it’s detailed, accurate and current.

We only recommend WordPress plugins, software and social media apps that we genuinely believe will benefit our readers. All opinions are our own, and we never accept payment for positive reviews. Smash Balloon also does not accept guest blog pitches or guest video submissions. 

How is Smash Balloon Funded?

Smash Balloon produces and maintains hundreds of free written WordPress tutorials and video how-tos, focusing on how to use social media marketing to grow your business online. Below are two main sources that fund Smash Balloon:

1. Our Products

Since our launching in 2013, we have created and developed premium WordPress social media feed plugins so you can easily display customizable social media feeds on your website. Currently, we have launched the following social feed products:

Today, our WordPress social media feed plugins are used by over 1.75 million websites. When you purchase any of our social media plugins, it helps us fund Smash Balloon. 

We are sincerely thankful for everyone in the Smash Balloon community who continue to use and trust our plugins for their social media marketing campaigns. Thank you for your continued support.

2. Referral Fees

Most top websites, bloggers and publications receive referral fees from the products or services they feature on their sites, including leading eCommerce retailers. This revenue generation method is known as affiliate marketing. Major internet brands like Amazon, eBay, and Google offer affiliate marketing programs, which many popular websites use to sustain their operations.

The Smash Balloon blog is partially funded by similar referral fees via affiliate marketing, which help support our content research, production and maintenance for both our written and video content.

Smash Balloon only recommends products and services that we trust will add value to the way our readers grow their business online. All opinions are our own, and we never accept compensation for favorable reviews.

How Can You Contact Smash Balloon?

If you wish to reach out to Smash Balloon, or if you have any suggestions on how we can make our content or products more helpful for you, please don’t hesitate to send us a message through our contact page.

Please note that we do not engage in paid links, link swaps, or guest posting opportunities. Due to the high volume of messages we receive, we apologize that we are unable to respond to these requests.

As always, we want to express our appreciation for your ongoing support of Smash Balloon. Thank you for making Smash Balloon the best social media feed plugins for WordPress! We look forward to continuing to serve you for many years to come.