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Why Does My Database Have a Lot of Twitter Feed Caches?

When creating “search” or “hashtag” feeds, the plugin is only able to retrieve tweets made within the last 7 days. To continue to display older tweets, our Twitter plugin has the ability to continuously add tweets to a long-term persistent cache in your WordPress database. You may see entries that start with “ctf_!_” in your wp_options table.

If you don’t need to display tweets that were made more than 7 days ago, it is ideal to disable the persistent cache. Here are the steps to disable the persistent cache. Please note that this will permanently delete tweets from “search” and “hashtag” feeds that were made more than 7 days ago.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Twitter Feed > Settings > Advanced
  2. Click the Reset button next to Persistent Cache to clear the existing permanent cache
  3. Disable the Persistent Cache setting and then click Save Changes

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