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Which version of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin is right for me? The WordPress plugin or the PHP Standalone version?

Find out which version of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin is the right fit for your website.

If your site is built on WordPress then we’d definitely recommend the WordPress plugin. Both versions can display your feed in the same way and don’t look any different on the front-end, but there are a few key differences to consider:

  • The WordPress plugin requires the site to be built on WordPress, whereas the Standalone version is more suitable for static sites. The Standalone version is comprised of PHP files which must be uploaded to your web server. You can get a better idea of how the PHP Standalone version works by viewing the setup documentation here.
  • The WordPress plugin can receive automatic updates whereas the Standalone version requires manual updates
  • The WordPress plugin includes a user interface and allows you to change the options and settings for the plugin through your WordPress admin pages, whereas the Standalone version uses a PHP file to store the settings which you would need to edit
  • The WordPress plugin is compatible with our Extensions, whereas the PHP Standalone version is not. However, the latest version of the PHP Standalone plugin now contains support for the Multifeed and Album extensions.
  • The WordPress plugin is updated much more regularly than the Standalone version. The reason for this is that we iron out any bugs and add new features to the WordPress plugin first before porting the code changes across to the Standalone version.

If you have any specific questions about either version of the plugin then feel free to contact us.

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