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Using shortcode options to customize your Facebook feeds

Plugin Version 4.0 and above

In version 4.0 and above, shortcode options are no longer used as the main way to customize your Facebook feeds. Please see this document on how to customize your Facebook Feeds. Your previously set up feeds that are using shortcodes will continue to work in the same way, as a legacy feed.

Below Plugin Version 4.0

If you’re only displaying one Facebook feed on your site – even if you’re using it in multiple places – then you don’t need to use our shortcode options. You can simple use the settings which are included on the plugin’s Settings pages with the WordPress admin area.

However, if you wish to display multiple Facebook feeds – each using different customizations – then you would need to use our shortcode options so that the plugin knows which settings to apply to each feed. This is very simple to do and just requires entering the shortcode option for the setting that you wish to change.

By default the [custom-facebook-feed] shortcode will use the settings defined on the plugin’s Settings pages. If, for example, you wished to change the layout of your second feed so that it’s different than the layout you set on the Settings page, then you can specify the layout in the shortcode, like so:

[custom-facebook-feed layout=half]

You can add as many shortcode options as you like. For example:

[custom-facebook-feed layout=full type=photos num=5 width=50% height=300px bgcolor=333]

Click here to see a video example of shortcode options being used on a WordPress site.


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