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Social Wall Change Log

= 2.2.1 May 21, 2024 =
* Fix: Tweets in your feed will now inherit the branding set in Custom Twitter Feeds Pro (X vs Twitter logos and color).
* Fix: Fixed a PHP error occurring in PHP 8.0+ “Creation of dynamic property SW_Feed::$atts”.
* Fix: Fixed Instagram post .webp local images not working in feeds.
* Fix: Fixed MYSQL error related to a missing table when TikTok Feeds was not installed.
* Fix: Fixed TikTok posts not using local images.
* Fix: Fixed TikTok filter not working in the related tool that can be added above a feed.

2.2 January 31, 2024 =
* New: Added compatibility with TikTok Feeds Pro! Display your latest TikTok videos in your social wall feeds.

= 2.1 November 29, 2023 =
* New: Added support for GDPR features. This is enabled by default if you are using a supported GDPR plugin. Configure on the settings page, “Feeds” tab.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with post filtering that would hide Facebook posts unless the Facebook feed was saved.
* Fix: Fixed the thumbnail for Twitter Cards that contained YouTube links not displaying.
* Fix: Fixed YouTube’s JavaScript code being included on the page even when YouTube was not a part of the feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing Instagram hashtag posts to not appear in the feed when an Instagram hashtag was included.
* Fix: Fixed a fatal PHP error that would occur with PHP 8.0+ under certain circumstances.

= 2.0.2 August 3, 2023 =
* Fix: Tablet columns and number settings were not working.
* Fix: Fixed only 20 feeds showing up as available for selection when creating a new feed.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with some date format settings.

= 2.0.1 March 21, 2023 =
* Fix: Fixed undefined constant “GLOB_BRACE” causing errors on some servers.
* Fix: Free Smash Balloon plugin settings menus were not available when Social Wall was active.
* Fix: Fixed caching conflicts that would cause the wrong posts to be loaded when using the load more button under certain circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed missing support articles when visiting the “Support” page.

= 2.0 February 28, 2023 =
* Important: Minimum supported PHP version has been raised from 5.6 to 7.1.
* New: Our biggest update ever! We’ve completely redesigned the plugin settings from head to toe to make it easier to create, manage, and customize your Social Wall feeds.
* New: All your feeds are now displayed in one place on the “All Feeds” page. This is where you’ll find the ability to edit existing feeds and any new ones that you create.
* New: Easily edit individual feed settings for new feeds instead of cumbersome shortcode options.
* New: It’s now much easier to create feeds. Just click “Add New”, select a feed created with the supported plugins, and you’re done!
* New: Brand new feed customizer. We’ve completely redesigned feed customization from the ground up, reorganizing the settings to make them easier to find.
* New: Live Feed Preview. You can now see changes you make to your feeds in real time, right in the settings page. Easily preview them on desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes.
* New: We’ve added a new Feed Templates feature. You can now select a feed template when creating a feed to make it much quicker and easier to get started with the type of feed you want to display. Selecting a template preconfigures the feed customization settings to match that template, saving you time and effort.
* New: Color Scheme option. It’s now easier than ever to change colors across your feed without needing to adjust individual color settings. Just set a color scheme to effortlessly change colors across your entire feed.
* New: You can now change the number of columns in your feed across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
* New: Easily import and export feed settings to make it simple to move feeds across sites.

= 1.0.11 December 7, 2022 =
* Fix: The YouTube iFrame JavaScript API was loaded on all pages with a feed even if YouTube videos were not included in the feed.
* Fix: Fixed several PHP warnings for PHP 8.0+
* Fix: Fixed the iFrame source for Facebook videos that would cause videos to not work in some circumstances.

= 1.0.10 July 6, 2022 =
* Tweak: Made it more clear what is happening when creating a feed to use in the social wall. Feeds are created in individual plugins and then the settings from those feeds can be used in the Social Wall.
* Tweak: Made using pre-created feeds the default method of generating shortcodes while on the “configure” tab.

= 1.0.9 =
* Fix: Added compatibility with version 2.0 of the YouTube Feed plugin.

= Version 1.0.8 – May 5, 2022 =
* Fix: Updated the shortcode generator on the “Configure” tab to work with feeds created in version 2.0 of Custom Twitter Feeds.
* Fix: New Twitter cards were not being created after updating Custom Twitter Feeds Pro.

= Version 1.0.7 – Apr 28, 2022 =
* Fix: Added compatibility with version 2.0 of the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin.

= Version 1.0.6 – Mar 1, 2022 =
* Fix: Updated the shortcode generator on the “Configure” tab to work with feeds created in version 6.0 of Instagram Feed.

= Version 1.0.5 – Jan 18, 2022 =
* Fix: Instagram Feed accounts only being used with Social Wall would be removed after a period of time.
* Fix: Fixed inability to disable some advanced settings once they were enabled.

= Version 1.0.4 – July 11, 2021 =
* Fix: Added compatibility with version 4.0 of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin.

= Version 1.0.3 – January 25, 2021 =
* Tweak: Added compatibility with the latest version of the Custom Facebook Feed plugin. Please update both plugins to ensure compatibility.

= Version 1.0.2 – January 11, 2021 =
* Fix: Using “num=” in the shortcode would lead to an inconsistent number of posts actually being displayed.
* Fix: Twitter cards would not load in the feed until the social wall cache had cleared after they were generated.
* Fix: Fixed a JavaScript error that would cause carousel feeds to not work when using Internet Explorer.
* Fix: Added a maximum width to images to prevent images being too large in certain themes.
* Fix: Prevented duplicate posts/tweets/videos from appearing in the feed.

= 1.0.1 – November 6, 2020 =
* New: Added support for local, resized images for Twitter. After updating to version 1.11 for Custom Twitter feeds, use local images for Twitter Cards and medium sized images for your tweets in your feed.
* Fix: Backup cache refresh feature changed from being triggered 2 days after feed missed an update to being triggered relative to cache refresh time.
* Fix: Translation files added.
* Fix: Relative date text settings would not save.
* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning “undefined index $wall_account_data”.

= Version 1.0 – August 28, 2020 =
* Launched the Social Wall plugin!


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