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The shortcode options aren’t working

The most common causes of this are:

1) There’s HTML tags within the shortcode which are preventing it from working correctly

If you copied and pasted the shortcode into the Visual editor on your WordPress page/post editor then it may have inadvertently included some HTML tags from the page that you copied it from. The easiest way to check this is to view the ‘Text’ view in your WordPress editor and see whether there are any stray HTML tags in the shortcode itself.

2) The shortcode includes “curly” quote characters

If your shortcode includes quotes then check that they are the standard quotes: or and not the curly kind: ’ or .

3) Typo in the shortcode option

Ensure that there aren’t any spelling errors in the shortcode options that you’re using and that the format is consistent with that demonstrated on the Shortcode Options reference page.

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