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Reviews Feed Pro Plugin Change Log

= VERSION 1.4 February 21, 2024 =

  • New: Added a new feature “Collections”. Add new reviews manually or edit existing reviews to create completely curated collections of reviews. Add your collection as a source and display it in a feed.
  • Tweak: Added load more button in sources list.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with the header stats not being updated.
  • Fix: Miscellaneous fixes and enhancements.

= VERSION 1.3.1 January 10, 2024 =

  • Tweak: Added more functionality that protects your Facebook data.

= VERSION 1.3 October 13, 2023 =

  • New: Added support for showing reviews in different languages based on WPML (WordPress Multi-lingual Plugin features. Configure this on the Language & Translation tab for the Settings page.
  • New: Add a minimum and maximum character length setting to hide short or long reviews if needed. In the feed customizer, visit the Settings tab, Filters sub-tab to configure this setting.
  • Tweak: A source is automatically selected when it’s added in the feed creation process.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue that would cause reviews to be shorter than expected.
  • Fix: Fixed the text for expanding reviews.
  • Fix: Fixed issues and PHP warnings that affected sites using PHP 8.1+.

= VERSION 1.2 June 28, 2023 =

* New: Added TrustPilot to our list of review providers! If you have a Plus or Elite license, you can now display reviews from any TrustPilot page.
* New: Added as a supported review provider! Elite license holders can show reviews from any plugin or theme in the repository.
* Fix: Fixed an issue causing duplicate reviews to show for Google sources under certain circumstances.
* Fix: Fixed an occasional issue of shortened text showing as a blank review with an asterisk to expand.
* Fix: Fixed the default URL to leave a review not working under some circumstances.

= VERSION 1.1 April 26, 2023 =

* Fix: Fixed a bug with the carousel layout causing only the asterisk (…) to show for some review text.
* Fix: Manual account connection for Facebook reviews was not working.
* Fix: Fixed inaccurate average rating in the header when multiple sources were used in a feed.
* Fix: Fixed visual star rating not showing half-stars. For example, an average rating of 4.6 would show 4 of 5 stars filled in the visual star icon.
* Fix: Fixed pagination not being available when more than 20 feeds were created.
* Fix: Fixed PHP error “undefined index” when header data was not available for a feed.
* Fix: Fixed fatal error when installing or updating due to custom script initiation on some hosts.

= VERSION 1.1 February 15, 2023 =

* New: Added support for Google locale when retrieving reviews. Configure the locale of your Google reviews on the settings page, “Language & Translation” tab for all feeds. Set the locale just for a specific feed on the “Settings” tab, “Language” panel when customizing a feed.
* Fix: By default, new reviews are retrieved with no translation.
* Fix: Images would be refetched when the cache expired even when they were already available for the feed.
* Fix: Fixed issue causing the strings in the plugin to not be translatable through WordPress.
* Fix: Fixed undefined constant “GLOB_BRACE” causing errors on some servers.

= VERSION 1.0.1 January 18, 2023 =

* Fix: Facebook reviews were not filtering by star rating correctly.
* Fix: Connecting a TripAdvisor source would not work if using the full URL and the ID of the place was greater than 6 digits.
* Fix: Fixed some conflicts with other Smash Balloon products that would cause some visual issues with buttons and icons.
* Fix: Removing a source from the plugin will also remove it from the Reviews API to allow changing sources without an API Key if needed.

= VERSION 1.0 January 11, 2023 =

* Launch!


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