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Only a few of my posts are showing up, or I’m only getting “___ is now friends with ___” posts

This is usually because you’re trying to display posts from a personal Facebook profile. The plugin can only be used to display posts from a Facebook page that you are an admin of or a Facebook group. The easiest way to check whether you’re trying to display posts from a personal profile instead of a page is to view your page and see whether you have ‘Friends’ or ‘Likes’. Profiles have ‘Friends’ whereas pages have ‘Likes’. If you have ‘Friends’ then it’s not a page, it’s a personal profile.


Due to Facebook’s privacy policy you’re not able to use the plugin to display all of your posts from a personal profile, only from a Facebook page or group, as posts from a personal profile are protected for privacy reasons. You may have limited success in displaying certain posts from a personal profile but most posts are not able to be displayed.

If you’re using the profile to represent a business, organization, product, public figure or something else other than yourself, then we’d advise converting your profile to a page per Facebook’s recommendation:, as there are many advantages to using pages over profiles. It is in fact against Facebook policies to use a profile to represent something other than yourself (see ‘Why should I convert my profile to a page’ in the link above).

Once you’ve converted to a page then the plugin will be able to retrieve and display all of your posts.


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