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Only show events from the next 30 days

Add this JavaScript to your site to only show events from the next 30 days. This can be done manually using a custom JavaScript plugin. For further information see our documentation here.

  var $event = $(this),
      event_date = $event.find('.cff-date > .cff-start-date k').text().trim().replace(',', ''),
      event_date_unix = parseInt((new Date(event_date).getTime() / 1000).toFixed(0)),
      var now = new Date();
  now.setDate(now.getDate() + 30);
  var oneMonthFromNow = (now.getTime() / 1000).toFixed(0);
  if( event_date_unix > oneMonthFromNow ) $event.hide();
}, 100);

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