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I need to activate my license on a development site prior to launch. Can I do this and still activate on my live site after launch?

Answer: A Basic license can only be activated on 1 domain at any given time and cannot be activated on two different domains at the same time (unless the development site fits the naming parameters listed below).

In addition to the normal “live” site (which you would always eventually want the license key activated on), you can also activate it on any of the following “test” domains for development purposes which do not count against the license slot:


If you need to activate it on a different staging/test/build or development domain then if you contact us after purchasing the plugin then we can add the development domain to your license so that it can be activated on the site.

You could also activate your license on a development site, then when you’re ready to launch deactivate it on the development site and followed by re-activating it on your live site using the instructions below which outline the correct procedure to accomplish this:

1. Log into your test/dev/staging WordPress site that you have the license currently activated on.
2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard – Plugin’s general settings – Settings – License (tabbed page).
3. Deactivate the license. Once the license is deactivated then remove it from the field on the page and click on “Save Changes”.
4. Go to your live site and enter the license key in the field on the License (tabbed page) within the plugin settings.
5. Enter your license key into the field on the page.
6. Next click on the “Activate License” button. (It may take a few clicks for the server to catch the signal).
7. Once the license is showing to be activated click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.



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