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My Playlists are Showing the Same Videos

Version 2.0

To display separate playlists, you should create a new feed that will have different IDs; this will prevent the feed from showing the same videos. Your new shortcodes should look like this [youtube-feed feed="1"]. The feed number could be different depending on the number of feeds you have created. 

Version 1.x

Playlists with similar IDs can cause caching conflicts. Add the shortcode setting “feedid” to set the name of the cache explicitly and fix the conflict. For example:
[youtube-feed type="playlist" playlist="PLLLm1a2b3c4D6g7i8j9k_1a2b3c4D57i8j9k" feedid="alaska"]
[youtube-feed type="playlist" playlist="PLLLm1a2b3c4D6g7i8j9k_1a2b3c4D57i8j8k" feedid="hawaii"]


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