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Manually Connect your Facebook Account using an Access Token.

Unfortunately, due to changes in Meta/Facebook’s data protection policies, we are no longer able to offer our tool for retrieving an access token to manually connect a Facebook Page.

If you are setting the plugin up for a client, here are some alternate methods to help them connect their page:

1) Your client can give you a role on the Facebook Page. Then you can connect the Facebook Page in the plugin using your own Facebook profile.

2) If your client is an Administrator on the WordPress site, they can directly access the WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > Settings > Manage Sources area to connect their account.

3) If your client is an Editor on the WordPress site, you can use the steps in our guide here to give the Editor role access to the WordPress Dashboard > Facebook Feed > Settings page and connect their page.

4) If your client does not have any access to the WordPress Dashboard, you could start a screen-sharing session with them, go to the Facebook feed settings in the WordPress Dashboard on your computer, give them control, and allow them to log in with their Facebook account during the process of connecting an account. You can do this in a private or incognito window so it does not use any previously logged-in Facebook session or save your client’s session in your browser.


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