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Is it possible to display only my own posts in my group?

When displaying posts from a Facebook “Page” it’s easy to do this as when the owner/admin of a Facebook page posts to the page they are posting as “the page”, and not as a person. You can use the setting on the plugin’s Settings page labeled “Show posts on my page by”.

However, when the owner/admin of a Facebook “Group” posts to the group, they are posting from their personal profile, not as “the group”. So if you own a group and post to it then you’re posting from your personal Facebook profile. Facebook doesn’t allow you to post as “the group” as groups are a community of individual people, rather than a business, brand, or celebrity.

For this reason, Facebook doesn’t allow a way to separate posts by the group owner and everyone else. It is possible, however, to use CSS to only show posts by specific people, as each post has a class on it based on the author of the post. You can do this by adding the following to the plugin’s Custom CSS section:

.cff-item{ display: none; }{ display: block; }

The “author-name” would need to be your name in lower case with hyphens between the words. For example, John Smith would become: author-john-smith

Tip: You can check the author name on a post by viewing the source of your Facebook feed and seeing what class is on your posts. Or you can right click on the post in your browser and select “Inspect Element” in the Developer Tools.

Troubleshooting: If none of your posts are displayed then you may need to increase the number of posts retrieved by the plugin from Facebook. This is because the plugin hides the posts with CSS after they are returned from Facebook. So if only 5 posts are retrieved from Facebook but none of the most recent 5 posts were posted by you then the plugin will hide them all. Try increasing the number of posts to be higher so that the plugin gets more posts from Facebook.


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