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How to display a feed of videos from a Facebook playlist

Note: If this is your first feed, and you need additional information on how to do it, please follow this guide.

1) Create a new feed, and select the “Videos” options.

2) Select the page where the playlist is located.

Note: If you have not created a playlist yet, you can follow this guide from Facebook.

3) Select the template that you would like to use.

4) Click the option “Show from a specific Playlist” and add the playlist URL in the “Add Playlist URL” box.
5) Customize your feed, then click the “Embed” button to add it to your site.


If you get the error “Couldn’t fetch the playlist, please make sure it’s a valid URL” check that you are adding a playlist from a page that you have access to, and it’s included in your Access Token. 

If you want to show a playlist from a page that is not connected to the Facebook feed plugin, you can ask the owner to generate an Access Token using this tool.



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